Monday, March 21, 2011

What Are the Old EHR to New EHR Conversion Issues?

Data conversion from an old EHR to a new EHR is challenging and problematic.  In most cases, old contracts (and unfortunately many new contracts) do not obligate the current EHR vendor to provide the patient’s data or support the conversion.  Indeed, many practices are left to deal with the data that the current vendor “can” provide and the loading of data that the new vendor is ”willing”  to support. 

The gap between the old EHR information and the new system could pose a variety of operational issues and call into question continuity of patient care and even your stewardship of the patient medical record.  Indeed, contextual issues due to missing information and placement in the new EHR may complicate clinical decision making.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What Should You Worry About on Transitioning from Paper Charts to an EHR?

The transition from paper to EHR is a major policy decision that can have repercussions on patient service, your operations and even your medical professional liability (MPL.)  Unfortunately, many practices are not taking the time to analyze their options and responsibilities from a patient care and compliance standpoint.  In order to set the correct framework for your effort, you should think about how you would answer questions about your paper chart transition strategy in order to prove due diligence in maintaining the patient record and/or in the transition from the paper chart to your EHR.

ISSUE:  Disposition of the Paper Chart in the Move to EHR -

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What MPL Issues are Associated with Meaningful Use (MU)?

Any transition of patient clinical records presents potential problems and issues that could affect medical professional liability (MPL).  Attainment of Meaningful Use is no different.

The Meaningful Use (MU) Criteria frames the use of a Certified EHR that enables a practice to qualify for the Medicare and Medicaid incentive payments.  Eligible Providers must fulfill 15 Core Measures and 5 of 10 Menu Set Measures to attain MU (For a complete list, go to ).  Many measures are associated with level of use based on a defined way of counting eligibility and usage.  For example, clinical summaries are to be provided for 50% of all office visits within 3 days of the visit to meet the clinical summary measure.

Your MU strategy should consider several MPL issues: